Make Murica America Again

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Display your patriotism and demand your country back.


The term “Murica” was used as early as September 1st, 2003 on the Democratic Underground in a post asserting that “murica” would not hurt another country after after an earlier poster suggested that the government was funding car bombs and building fires overseas.


“’Murica” was used again on a personal democratic blog in November 2004 to describe the red states that voted for George Bush’s reelection. The term was first added to Urban Dictionary on April 8th, 2006. In January 2011, a Facebook fan page for “Murica” was established, gaining 1130 likes in less than two years. That September, a thread on Lurker FAQs suggested the term originated from the Comedy Central animated series South Park, however the term does not appear anywhere on their Wikia page, South Park Archives.

In May 2012, a subreddit titled “’Murica! Fuck Yeah!” was created, featuring both ironic patriotism and humorous instances of serious patriotism, gaining nearly 18,000 subscribers in seven months. ‘Murica is often used on Twitter and Tumblr as commentary on stereotypical American practices as well as to emphasize a user’s iron patriotism.

As of March 2017, there are just over  2,000,000 images tagged #murica on Instgram.

America has room to improve! 

Extremists on the right and left are bastardizing America's ideals and rioting in the streets as the media feverishly pushes for all out class and racial warfare. Politicians , beholden to big donors and special interests, sell out the American people every day and they don't even hold out for highest bidder. As Jefferson warned, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed", today's revolutions can be done without bloodshed.  ​Join the fight to make Murica America again.  

Our populous is over taxed & under represented by elected officials with little regard for their constituents or the Constitution. Don't sit idle as bureaucrats erode civil liberties on behalf of corporate interests.  We, the people, are in this together. People who disagree with you aren't snowflakes, morons, villains, cuckservatives, racists or bigots. 

The American Dream is that of a prosperous nation where all people are created equal. We aren't defined by our race, gender identity, political ideology, sexual orientation or favorite sports team. If we can come together, as Americans, we can overcome anything.  Assuming we can end this era of identity politics.

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Know your meme : 

Murica or ’Murika is a slang term for America which is used to denote extreme patriotism, coupled with aspects of a negative American stereotype similar those featured in the advice animals Redneck Randal or Almost Politically Correct Redneck. It can also be found on image macros to either support or criticize American stereotypes.