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Release date TBA.

Art by : Shawn Conn 
Digital Cover : John Trabbic 
1/3000 Print Cover : Herb Trimpe 

It Came From the Jersey Shore

Created by Joe Lipari

The end of the world begins in New Jersey. The digital first mini-series pits today's pop culture & politically obsessed in a fight for survival. 

​Book #1, "Gym, Tanning, Zombies"

Summer at the Jersey Shore means dark tans, fist pumps and trashy television. During the Summer of 2016 an experimental bio-weapon was accidentally released; pitting locals, guidos and reality stars in a fight for their lives. Right in the middle of a tense Presidential Election, can the government clean up and cover up it's mess before civilization crumbles? 

​Limited edition 1st printing 1/3000 : Cover by Herb Trimpe

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