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Fil'm Hafızası : Istanbul 

*Audience Award Winner

: Also Starring : ​

Victor Varnado, Scout Durwood, Rachael Robbins, 

Renan Kanbay, Padraic Gallagher, Cooper Rego,  John Sosis, 

Mr. Star City & Michael Weingartner ​

Cinematography by: TONE & Joseph Marconi 
Music by: Chico Mann, Future Rhythm Foundation & Dave Hill 
Sound Editing by: Rodrigo Galavan & Jeanine Guenther ​
Titles & Graphic Design by: Jay Liquori

Sound by: Joe Pfiel 

Dave Koumanzales, Dave Hill (The King of Miami, WFMU) , is an out of work filmmaker who’s fallen behind on his bills & forced to sell his comic book collection, just to get by. The day he receives an eviction notice, he’s offered his dream job… Working with George Lucas.

Dream Job screened internationally throughout 2012, 2013 & 2014 ;
​it's now available for digital download.